The Plante Law Group, PLC provides a variety of legal services in relation to various construction law matters.  Such matters include but are not limited to:

Construction Contracts   Licensing and Regulatory Issues
Construction Liens   Limited Liability and Indemnification Agreements
Qualifier Agreements   Variances
Unlicensed Contractors   Code Enforcement and Zoning Matters
Contract Disputes   Bond Issues
Defective Construction   Independent Contractor Agreements
Fraud   Building Code Violations
Notices to Owner   Contests of Liens
Contractor’s Affidavits   Project Abandonment Issues
Trials / Appeals   Mediations

If you are contemplating entering into a construction contract or would like to discuss any Construction Law related issues please do not hesitate to call The Plante Law Group at (813) 875-LAWS (5297) to speak to a Construction Law Attorney regarding your legal matter.