The Plante Law Group is also proud to provide Title Insurance, Closing and Escrow services to protect individuals, businesses and investors in relation to their real estate transactions.


Title Insurance protects sellers, buyers and/or mortgagees from claims or losses that adversely affect the marketability of title to real estate which has been or is being sold, bought or mortgaged. Title Insurance differs from other types of insurance in that it protects you, the insured, from matters that adversely affect the title of real property resulting from unknown or undiscovered occurrences that predate the purchase, sale or mortgage of the real property. In contrast, other types of insurance, like health, life and auto, insure against losses resulting from events that occur after the insurance is acquired. Title Insurance also differs from other types of insurance in that Title Insurance is procured through a one-time premium paid at closing.

In a real estate sales transaction a seller and purchaser have usually already entered into a sales contract in which the Seller has committed to conveying the property at closing free and clear of all title defects. Thus, in preparation for the purchase, sale or mortgage of real property, each party to the transaction has an interest in making sure that a title search is conducted and title insurance, through either or both a homeowner’s policy or lender’s policy, is obtained. As part of the title insurance services a title search is conducted to ascertain if there are any defects in the chain of title of the real estate being sold, bought or mortgaged. Any and all discovered defects in title are disclosed to all interested parties so that the title defect can be corrected prior to closing by the appropriate party. In addition to conducting a title search, Title Insurance is necessary to insure against undiscovered or hidden defects to the property’s title. For example, title insurance protects against claims that the insured’s title in the property is invalid because, unknown to the insured at the time of purchase or mortgage, a predecessor deed in the chain of title was forged or executed by a person that did not have legal capacity to convey title. Other hidden risks generally defended and insured against by title insurance include false impersonations of a grantor (seller) in the chain of title, unrecorded easements, fraud, and invalid conveyances in the chain of title. After having expended hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase real property or having loaned hundreds of thousands of dollars for the acquisition of real property, you certainly do not want to risk that your title to or mortgage on the property becomes valueless as a result of such undiscovered title defects.

Compared to the risks insured against, title insurance is relatively inexpensive. The cost of the premium is governed by Florida Statutes. For homeowner’s policies it is generally $5.25 per $1,000.00 of the purchase price. For lenders’ policies purchased in combination with a homeowner’s policy it is generally a flat fee of $300. Once purchased, title insurance remains in effect for at least as long as you own the property or mortgage. Title Insurance adds piece of mind and security to home ownership and real estate transactions.


Our attorneys and staff will expeditiously ensure that all deeds, HUD statements, mortgages, releases, escrow documents, estoppels letters, satisfactions and affidavits necessary to effectuate the closing are completed and filed. We will also be there to answer any questions prior to, during and after the closing relating to your transaction.

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