The Plante Law Group, PLC assists and advises individuals and business entities to defend against both state and federal criminal charges, as well as administrative penalties for asserted regulatory violations. The Criminal and Regulatory Matters for which the Plante Law Group, PLC provides counsel for include but are not limited to:

Criminal RICO (Federal & State)   Wire & Mail Fraud
False Statements/Perjury   Securities Violations
Money Laundering   Criminal Contempt
Violation of Probation   Driving Under the Influence
Battery & Assault   Possession of Illegal Substances
Conspiracy   Scheme to Defraud / Theft
Forfeitures   Sentencings
Civil Penalties   Restitution
Trials / Appeals   Agency Proceedings

If you have been charged with a crime or regulatory violation or would like to discuss any criminal or regulatory related legal issues, please do not hesitate to call The Plante Law Group at (813) 875-LAWS (5297) to speak to a Criminal Law Attorney regarding your legal matter